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Are you an emerging or established DESIGNER who is struggling with the ins and outs of your design biz? Reignite your PASSION, get the best CLIENTS, make more MONEY and  create a thriving business.

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Flowing + Thriving is a new email-based course
which focuses on helping you create a design business to be a true extension of YOU, who you are as a designer, and what you love doing.

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Now available for pre-order!


The wait is over! The cult classic, Moon Energy Calendar by The Cosmic Collective is now available for pre-sale!
Featuring 12 new unique artworks this calendar is not only stunningly beautiful but also tremendously helpful and insightful through your year as we encounter different energetic influences of the moon, sun, planets and stars!
Myself and Sarah from The Fifth Element Life base all artworks off the energy of the moon readings by our amazing Astrologer soul sister KV of Aquarius Nation.



Make a statement with VIVID patterns and versatile art crafted for online spaces and real-life PRODUCTS.

Weaving together unique designs with digital patterns, hand-illustrated motifs and painted artworks to create one-of-a-kind works that spark the soul.






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Iโ€™m inviting creatives and artists to  JOIN ME in my cozy studio, to work, collaborate, and share some sweet space.

Located in the historic Metro Arts building in the Brisbane CBD with an art shop only steps away! Soul St. Studio is a little creative hub to co-work, play with paint and share ideas outside of the online world.