Every project I create, from websites to print collections for products, centers around a simple principle:

All great art is deeply personal.
It’s not a fad that fizzles, or gets stale over time. So, why should your brand’s design be any different?

I strive to craft one-of-a-kind graphic masterpieces that are unmistakably, definitively YOU. Your ideas, energy and spirit, alive and shining on any screen or mobile device.




My name is Jo Klima - designer, artist, and global adventurer. 

I live and breathe creativity - and you’ll rarely find me without a sketchbook or a doodle within arm’s reach.

Born a bit of a shy and quiet sort, I discovered I could map out an adventurous world of infinite possibilities with my paper, coloured pencils, & watercolours. From there, the rush of building something beautiful from a mashup of ideas caught hold... and refused to let go.

That’s the rich soil I’ve been growing in ever since.

After graduating Uni with a Bachelor’s degree in design, I spent four years earning my stripes at studios that catered to big-time corporations. While the buttoned-up work I did wasn’t my cup of tea, I learned the finer points of clean & functional design. I taught myself web development, and curated my own methods for pinpointing the look & vibe my clients craved.


In 2008 I decided to branch out on my own - and so, The Darling Tree Studio was born. Here, my work combines bold colour and modern textures with old world patterns and symbols, to create a feeling as fresh as it is unmistakably stylish.

Beyond my work, I love diving into every corner of the creative process. I travel the world for inspiration, for fun, and to meet new creative masterminds to collaborate with. I’ll spend weekend retreats immersed in long, deeply quiet stretches of time with just my paints and some good tunes.

But, most importantly, I make art. For you, for me, and for whoever is ready to explore the way I see the world - and share their point of view with me too.