Blog Design.

"I left my job as an editor at Time Inc. and People magazine two years ago, and I turned to Jo to create my next endeavor. I had worked with her on a previous project, and my new idea was to launch a website that would look, feel and operate like a glossy monthly magazine. Jo took my idea and ran with it. I created a mood board for her with colors and images that I liked, but I refrained from giving her too much of my own input. I wanted to see what she would come back with when allowed to do what she does best. She absolutely blew me away with her first take. I barely made one change to her original design. I still remember opening up the link she sent with her design, and I was so happily surprised that I couldn't stop looking at it. The design she had created was more "me" than I could've ever come up with myself. On top of being a wonderfully talented designer, she's extremely reliable, always meets deadlines, never fails to deliver on schedule, is fast to respond and listens to her clients every step of the way. She's also a very lovely and positive person, which makes the process of working with her an absolute delight. I hope to collaborate with her on many more projects in the future."

- Ulrica Wihlborg

lotus wei.

Website, Blog, Shop, iPad/iPhone App & Print Design.

"I'm always looking for a nature-inspired way of telling our brand story, and The Darling Tree designs had a soft-yet-versatile style that really resonated with me. As an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to have a ton of inspiration, but wonder if someone will be able to translate those thoughts into digital format. It can also be a serious challenge to find someone who is gifted, reliable, and compatible with your schedule. Jo was all of those things, and so much more.

I loved working with The Darling Tree because Jo makes the whole process so ease-filled. She’s patient and methodical (no detail gets overlooked), yet she can see the bigger picture, and can evaluate the experience that people will have with the design. She doesn't get overwhelmed with my flood of ideas, and figures out how to translate them into a digital experience.

Nothing seems too difficult for Jo - she finds a solution for everything. She listens to my crazy ramblings, looks at my sketches, and then makes them come alive digitally. And most importantly, she really cares - you feel like your project is just as important to her as it is to you. And that's rare. I absolutely recommend The Darling Tree."

- Katie Hess

esmé weijun wang.

Website & Blog Design.

"I might just be a designer's potential nightmare — which is to say that I have no idea how to create good design, but also have strong opinions about what I do and don't consider to be elegant work.

Thank heavens for Jo and The Darling Tree. I was able to supply her with detail-filled Pinterest boards, discuss via Skype what I envisioned for the project, and then let her take the reins on what felt like an alchemical, magical phenomenon — one in which Jo took the soul of my dream's essence, and created a visual solution that spoke directly to my extraordinarily picky aesthetic.

Since the relaunch of my site, I've since received an avalanche of positive feedback about the experience my audience — and new visitors — now enjoy when entering esmewang.com. I've had people respond that the redesign feels “just like you", and I’m now experiencing the phenomenon of having folks pulled into content that was essentially the same before the relaunch — only with a brand-new face. I've already told Jo that her design acumen is spookily on-target; I'd be foolish to not hire her again and again. "

- Esmé Weijun Wang.

do what you love.

Branding, Website, Blog, Newsletter, Email Marketing, PDF & Stationery Design.

“Working with The Darling Tree was such an easy choice for me, because I knew aside from Jo’s brilliant eye for design, she also really understands what makes a wonderfully functional website. As soon as we got to work, I was blown away by how quickly Jo ‘got’ what I was after. She created a design that was head & shoulders over what I’d envisioned (and that’s saying something)!

Our work together was easy, fun, and absolutely inspiring. With Jo, you’re not just getting a fantastic design - you’re getting exactly what you need, on time and on budget. I rave about The Darling Tree, and recommend Jo’s work to my friends & colleagues - and I’ll keep doing so until I can figure out a way to get her all to myself!”

- Beth Kempton

creature comforts.

Blog Design.

“As soon as Jo and I wrapped our initial phone call, I knew we were on the same page. I felt confident she had the skills to make my redesign dreams come true, and was unbelievably excited to see how my vision would translate into an actual cohesive design. Jo didn’t disappoint! She absolutely “got” the look I was trying to achieve.

She’s incredibly professional, a great communicator, and wonderfully talented - a true pleasure to work with. Jo genuinely listened to my ideas and concerns every step of the way, and never failed to deliver work on schedule. Now, I feel like the sky's the limit! I look forward to working with Jo on future projects!"

- Ez Pudewa

susannah conway.

Website, Blog, Email Marketing,
E-Course & PDF Design.

“Jo and I have been working together since 2009 and it's honestly been one of the easiest working relationships I've ever experienced. She is fabulously professional, always delivers on time and has the uncanny ability to know what I want even before I've figured it out. We've gotten to the stage where I send her a few ideas for a new project and like magic she sends me something back that's right on the money.

Over time we've built up my brand to the point where it really does feel like me. What you see online and how I am offline are melded together beautifully - 95% of that is down to Jo's brilliance. I consider her an invaluable member of my team and would be utterly lost without her. ”

- Susannah Conway

stephanie ryan.

Website & Blog Design.

"I’d been designing my own blog and website for years, and I knew it was time to hire a professional to take my sites to the next level. I started looking around at some of my favorite blogs, and noticed they all had something in common: The Darling Tree. Still, I was nervous about handing over control to another designer. This was the first time I was entrusting my vision to someone else.

I wish I”d never worried! I was so happy with the entire experience, and quickly learned I could trust Jo with my work. Her beautiful aesthetic, and her ability to translate my vision and her ideas into a stunning site blew me away. I felt so at ease and comfortable during the process, and she created something truly amazing.

Trust, collaboration and beauty are the pillars of The Darling Tree experience. I know I can count on Jo to help me continue to develop my sites to meet my growing needs. Should you work with The Darling Tree? Absolutely YES!"

- Stephanie Ryan

Finely crafted, feminine design for blossoming businesses.