You are your own design - a visual poem written over years of living, loving, and experiencing the world.

Your website & brand identity should create your virtual sanctuary; a cozy nest that’s so inviting, even the busiest web traveler can’t help but stop and make themselves at home.

A perfectly-designed digital home feels like your living room. It’s filled with the knickknacks, artwork, sensory pleasures and stories that made you. It makes you & your people feel like you’ve finally arrived right where you belong.

That’s the wonderful, deeply personal feeling I strive to create with my hand-crafted designs.

our stroll through the forest: working with the darling tree

It starts with you + me + a deep dive into the things that inspire you creatively; your favourite artists, images, fonts, music, blogs, and books. As we explore the things that truly move you, I start to see patterns & distinctive elements that are completely unique to your tastes. From there, I blend them together, and furnish your online abode - piece by gorgeous piece.

I pour hours of love into my designs; carefully refining ideas, hand-painting certain elements, putting enchanting concepts into play, and balancing the tiniest details. No two projects are alike - and I push myself to keep it that way.

The result is… you, just the way you pictured it (whether you pictured it or not). A logo, design, or website that’s a flawless reflection of your business, voice & spirit. A finely-crafted, feminine aesthetic that won’t lose its lustre or look like a thousand other spaces.

It’s the sort of distinctive branding that can grow along with you, because it’s built from the soul out.

Want more of my story? Step right this way...

building your virtual home: the process

Note: each project takes an average of 3-6 weeks, depending on your specific needs.


(Getting Started)

After you get in touch through the invitation, you’ll receive my Client Info PDF and Design Questionnaire to fill out. This includes directed enquiries about your business & brand, your vision, and your goals for the work we’ll be doing together. It helps me get a better idea about the scope of your project, and whether or not I’m the designer you’re looking for.

Upon reviewing your questionnaire and accepting your project, I'll assign you to my next available start date and schedule a one-on-one consultation via email or Skype to get aquainted and discuss your project further. Once all the project requirements are figured out & we confirm we’re a match made in heaven (hooray!), I'll send you my Design Agreement contract to sign, and an invoice for a 50% Deposit.

Then, we spring into action!


(Gathering Your Design Elements)

After we discuss the project, and I get a clearer picture of your direction, I'll create a visual mood board. This features a selection of images, type options and colours to give you an overall feel for what your project will look like.

If the project includes web design, we’ll discuss the content and functionality we’ll need to include on each page I will be designing for you. You will also have a clear outline of what content you need to provide for me to work with in the design.

Once you’ve given these the a-ok, we move on to the really fun bit...


(Design Concepts and Revisions)

Next, I send over the initial logo or web concepts for your feedback. This is where the magic really takes hold - I pull back the curtain, and you can see your vision coming to life in real time. After you review my ideas, we discuss refining tweaks (if any), and I get to work on perfecting your final design.


(Project Completion)

Once we’ve finalized your designs, and the second half of your payment has gone through without a hitch, I hand everything over to you. All the graphics & designs you need for your branding or website will be packaged up in an easy-to-access file, and you have sole copyright claim over all the work we’ve done together.

choose your path: the offerings

Important: I believe in the power of doing one thing, and doing it well. I pour endless hours into my designs, and meticulously strive to balance even the tiniest details perfectly.

In order to focus all my attention on bringing your ideas to life, I no longer offer a la carte projects or coding services.

However, I’m happy to recommend you to a skilled developer on my radar (when they’re available)!

BRANCHES & BLOSSOMS: Logo & Branding Design

Nice branding and well-designed graphics will keep someone’s eye on the page. Amazing branding and graphics make them stop in their tracks, and hunt for all the information they can possibly find.

So whether you’ve got a new business product or program coming up, need an illustration, a new ‘stamp’ for your business, or want to kick your professional aesthetic up a notch, Branches & Blossoms is how you’ll get there.


Your site is your home on the web. It should be beautiful, welcoming, and full of all the things that make you so distinctive & brilliant.

Every web design from The Darling Tree includes a home page & blog design, and 4-5 additional content pages. While it’s recommended you include a new logo design with your website, it’s not required. For designs without logos, or with pre-exisiting ones, I create a simple type treatment to compliment the rest of the design.

TRIMMINGS: Package Add-ons

Don’t see everything you need in the packages above? No need to worry! Both offerings come with additional services we can easily tack on to your project rate.

The lovely extras:

  • Email Marketing + Newsletter Design
  • Social Media + Branded Graphics
  • E-book + PDF Design
  • Stationery + Print Design.

Ready to get to work? Your invitation is waiting for you

Finely crafted, feminine design for blossoming businesses.