Hi, I’m Jo Klima, a web designer, illustrator, and chief idea gardener over at The Darling Tree. With an extraordinary knack for organic, finely detailed, and feminine designs, I strive to provide my clients with a brand identity that makes them stand up and shout “YES. That’s me. That’s the way I need to be seen.” The result? A work of digital art they’ll keep loving for years to come, as a perfect representation of the soul of their business. For more on me, my work, and to check out my journal, step on over to thedarlingtree.com – or wave hello on Twitter at @thedarlingtree!

Blogs I’ve designed:

Creature Comforts
Stephanie Ryan
Susannah Conway
A Creative Mint
Boho Girl
Doorways Traveler

What clients have said:

“Utterly professional yet approachable and patient, Jo made the creation of my website a pleasure from beginning to end. She intuited all my needs from the brief I supplied and seemed to be inside my head when putting the pages together. I love her attention to detail and how she implemented my changes and suggestions quickly, always adding her own twist and taking the design up another notch. I’m recommending her to everyone I know!” ~ Susannah Conway
“I still feel emotional about how Jo truly captured my spirit within my entire site. She just got me. Throughout the whole process I felt seen and heard and understood by her which was so comforting when putting myself out there with my site. I had complete trust in her which is huge for me because I have always been in control of my own design. She simply rocked my world and delivered exactly, if not more, than what I had envisioned.” ~ Denise Andrade
“Jo is everything (and more) you could ever ask for in a designer. I’ve had her both follow my design ideas as well as create something completely original, and both exceeded even my highest expectations. With not only a special gift for capturing the essence you desire for your website, she is also fun, professional, innovative and timely.” ~ Bonnie Forkner
“Jo from The Darling Tree did an amazing job. The success of my web site, blog and client site has been beyond my expectation. I receive compliments daily from people who visit my site. I could not have asked for a better design. It’s beautiful and I feel like it represents my personality so well. When Jo sent me my first designs, I was speechless, they were perfect! She has a rare, and much appreciated gift and one that I will not hesitate to rely upon again. I can’t begin to recommend her highly enough. She really is the best!” ~ Beata English