With Jo’s help, I lovingly crafted the website of my dreams. I’d been stumbling around on my own (in the dark) for several years, and this course, and Jo’s patient and detailed advice, helped me to clarify what I wanted, gave me the tools I needed to implement it, the encouragement to keep refining my ideas and loads of small (but HUGE) nudges on the way to website heaven. Thank you Jo, you’re my website guardian angel! Lauren Tober – Lauren Tober
Your Darling Blog was a seven week experience. Jo provided great lessons with many examples and thorough explanation of the content. And the most important thing, she gave extremely helpful feedback on each of my designs as well. I would love to recommend the feedback session. – Dewi Citra – Innocentia
Taking Jo’s Your Darling Blog workshop opened my eyes to the world of blog design. She helps you build a new blog design from concept to finished product, all while making it a fun & enjoyable class. I use the tools I learned during my workshop to this day & visit my archived class information often when I’m designing something new. I chose to do the Feedback option & highly recommend it because Jo helped me see things that I would never have noticed. The feedback add-on is invaluable and if I ever take the class again, I would get that in a heart beat. – Whitley Pollet
It was a dream come true. This course has exceeded my expectations and opened many doors for me to develop cute designs. Jo is a talented designer and teacher who makes the difficult easy. – Eva Timon
This is a wonderful course, filled with great insights, a lot of instruction and examples, and excellent tutorials. It really helped me become more proficient in Photoshop and all elements of blog design. Working one-on-one with Jo was an invaluable learning experience that allowed me to take my design skills to a much higher level. – Anastasia Kile
“Going into this class, I was hoping to learn some new techniques and become inspired while designing my new blog. The Your Darling Blog class turned out to be so much more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. The sheer amount of information presented in an easy to follow format was mind-blowing – Jo’s lessons, tutorials and inspiration was well worth every penny. On top of that, she provided individual feedback and guidance along the way, which was simply priceless. I’m so happy that I found Your Darling Blog and am looking forward to launching my new site, thanks to Jo. You will not regret taking this course.” – Melissa Howard
“Jo’s class is AMAZING. From start to finish, all of the class materials were presented beautifully. The topics that she covered for the design of blogs were all encompassing – from color palettes, typography, to style. There were so many tips, tricks and inspiration from the class that I found myself truly inspired to tackle the redesign of my blog (where before I winced at the very thought of such a thing). This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my blog!” – Amy Ng – Pikaland
“The design workshop more than exceeded my expectations. Jo is such a talented gal – in both her design skills and her teaching skills. All of the information is presented beautifully and is incredibly informative. If you ever wanted to know how to design a smart and beautiful blog, this is the course for you!” – Bonnie Forkner – Going Home to Roost
“Your Darling Blog is a great starting point to making your Blog a “Darling”. Step by Step lessons to getting everything looking lovely. It runs at a good pace so it is easy to follow and catch up if you fall behind. I recommend to anyone who has a blog.” – Carrie Bartonek
“Jo, is an excellent teacher and designer. Her organizational skills are amazing. The way she delivered the content to our class was very systematic and super easy to understand. This class is a great example of what an online class experience should be like. Thanks!” – Marie Etkind – Nolatina
“Taking part in the Your Darling Blog workshop has been an experience I really enjoyed. Each day new inspiration, tutorials and/or assignments were delivered to my inbox and on the private website. The workshop has taught me a lot of new things about blog design and using Photoshop, such as how to use patterns and textures in elements of the design. During the workshop I made a complete redesign of my blog and got valuable feedback from Jo along the way. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to learn how design their own blog (& more).” – Naomi den Besten – Pretty Unexpected
“The Darling Blog Design class has been a tremendous help in guiding me towards a specific “feel” and brand for my blog. Jo’s inspiration, guidance, and feedback are invaluable! She kept me on track when my ideas strayed from my original design brief. Her feedback had been wonderful – every detail is considered in her evaluation. Even the smallest recommendation makes a huge impact on the blog design. Thank you so much Jo!” – Samantha Stewart – Style of Sam
“Jo Klima offers a tremendous opportunity to learn design elements – all the little touches – and how to weave it all together to create a blog that truly captures your vision and spirit.” – Silky Hart
“As a designer I was a little skeptical about taking this course, but after signing in on day 1 my fears were quashed – the resource links alone made the course worth it! I felt my designs lacked originality and purpose and the Darling Blog workshop really helped me define my goals along with learning some new design techniques and really exploring my creative side (and I couldn’t wait to receive my email every morning to see what the next tutorial would be!). This has truly been a soul searching journey just as much as an artistic one! Jo is extremely talented and knowledgeable and the end result of my brand new blog design is even better than I had imagined. What’s more though, I have fallen in love with design all over again – I hope there will be a YDB 2!” – Nichole Williams – Kitten Lane
“Your Darling Blog was an inspirational and practical workshop. I found the one-on-one feedback from Jo invaluable. I adore Jo’s design aesthetic, and it was so interesting to get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at her process. As a person who loves to give everything a go, it was great to be able to take my ideas and inspiration and have someone ‘hold my hand’ as I went through the daunting process of a blog redesign. I would highly recommend this workshop.” – Hana Colmar – A Happy Adventure
“I absolutely LOVED the workshop! It was one of the best investments I could have made for my blog. The design information and exercises far exceeded my expectations of what I thought a workshop would be.” – Shalon Estrada – Pretty Lovely Design
“I loved being a part of Jo’s design workshop and what I learnt from her expands beyond web design. It was such a pleasurable experience that just looking back to it brings warm feelings and smile on my face – all that lovely inspiration, colors, textures, patterns … coming closer to what I love and what I want to shine in my blog … I enjoyed all that focused work and I am happy with my creation. Thank you, Jo, for creating this opportunity and sharing your passion and expertise.” – Olga Silvasiova
“I found The Darling Blog incredibly inspiring. Gaining insight from various designers as well as Jo was invaluable and a really nice surprise. The consideration that was put into creating this workshop was apparent from the beginning and continued throughout the rounds of individual feedback Jo provided. I would definitely recommend the Darling Blog workshop to anyone looking to create a beautiful blog while simultaneously learning and being inspired daily!” – Bibi Dowell
“I learned so much from the Darling Blog Design Workshop. Jo shared so much insight and resources, to help me define my personal brand and carry it out to my blog’s look and feel. This is an investment that will pay for itself many times over, and allow me to update and maintain my blog on my own. Really loved working with Jo and connecting with so many other talented bloggers! xo” – Haydee Duarte – Sweetest Celebrations
“I have learned a lot during this project about the process and the workshop gave me solid basis to work on my blog design. I am also happy that I will be able to use what I learned also for my website. the “lessons” were always clear and very inspiring. I had never studied design or anything close to it before and everything was easy to understand. Jo has been wonderful answering our questions super quickly. I really recommend taking this workshop if you want a quick start to improve your blog’s design. Hopefully, I will be able to integrate all I have learned in the coming weeks and soon I will have a nice looking blog.” – Karine Ardault
“If your are one those who has being dreaming about creating a blog, but you are not quite sure where to start and your design aspirations are holding you back, then ¨Your Darling Blog¨ is the right place to start. You will be amazed day by day, and you will get from it more than you can imagine. For me the experience was so inspiring – it really helped me define the feel that I wanted to transmit trough my design, and set the goals for my blog. You will learn so much from her ( trust me) you will be Amaze, and you are going to wish that it never ends!” – Valeria Casalderrey
“Jo is such a talented designer and I learned so much about the blog design process from her. She was so responsive to answering questions and providing feedback on the designs. I highly recommend this class!” – Michelle Masser
“I knew that the workshop was going to be good but it really and truly exceeded all my expectations. The quality and quantity of content covered was exceptional. Jo is not only a talented web designer but a gifted teacher as well.” – Suzie Banks – Aesthetics & Gastronomy
“I took part in the first Your Darling Blog online workshop run by one of my favourite designers, Jo Klima. The course was great and full of so much inspiration, creativity, advice, design teaching, individual guidance and feedback, as well as the opportunity to share and learn from the other students. I learnt about layout, branding, colour, pattern, content, typography and so much more. I would highly recommend it if you want to design or redesign your blog.” – Emily Quinton